J. R. Miller Martial Arts

Colored Belt Requirements

Our students start as a white belt and advance to a new belt level approximately every 12 weeks.  Students need to attend an average of two classes per week and accumulate 24 hours (minimum) of classes to be ready for their belt testing. We reserve the right to postpone testing until a student is ready to test.  Belt testing must be earned by the student based on their ability to perform the requirements.  If you have concerns about a students physical limitations or previous injuries, please discuss them with Master Miller.  


In addition to the above physical requirements we require that each student prepare a written paper, that will be presented at each belt test.  We believe that learning to  develop and present your ideas in an organized form will help build the students confidence and presentation skills.  We want our students to be comfortable in front of their peers and to develop into leaders in our school and in life.  

Colored Belt Paper Topics


What is my goal in Taekwondo?


Why does Taekwondo make people strong?


Has taking taekwondo changed the way you look at, and respond to bullies?


Why is spirit important in Taekwondo, give examples?


What is your favorite form and one step, and why?


What is my relationship with others in my school?


How has Taekwondo helped improve your self esteem, focus and discipline.


What have I learned from my Master?


What are my training plans for the next few years?