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Entering into a martial art class can be very intimidating for a new student of any age.    If you watch a class or watch videos on the Internet, you wonder if you are capable of doing some of the amazing techniques that you see.  Just remember that what you are seeing took many years of practice and that the students you are watching started out as a white belt with no previous knowledge of the martial arts just like you.

Our class schedule is structured so that a new student has many different options of class types and times to fit their specific situation.

J. R. Miller Martial Arts has made it easy for you to start in the Martial Arts today.  Contact us by phone (440)-655-1850 or come in and try a free class with no obligation to join.    In a hurry and don’t have time to call ahead,  just stop in to any of the above classes to watch or participate in any of our classes.

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