J. R. Miller Martial Arts


1) When entering and leaving the Dojang, salute the flag and bow to all Black Belts and Instructors.

a) If you enter the Dojang after a class begins stand at the entrance until you are asked to join the class.

b) If you arrive early for class while an earlier class is still in progress, wait until that class has bowed out before entering the training area.

c) Always ask permission to leave the floor.


d) If you need to leave class early ask permission before class.

2) Remove shoes and socks before stepping on the training floor.  No candy, gum or food is permitted on the training floor.

3) When class begins and ends line up by belt rank, salute the flag and bow to the Head Instructor.  

4) If a Black Belt enters the school at anytime all students will acknowledge and bow to the entering Black Belt.

5) Maintain respect at all times.  Always bow to all the Black Belts and Instructors, and address them by saying "yes sir, or yes ma’am".  Respect your fellow students at all times.  

6) Many times during class your uniform will need to be adjusted.  Always turn around before you straighten your uniform as a sign of respect to all upper ranks.

7) Respect your uniform and belt.  Keep your uniform clean and never wash your belt.  Your belt is not to worn outside of the Dojang.

8) It is important to keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed and kept short.  Long nails can cause scrapes, cuts and torn nails during a workout.

9) Students are expected to help maintain cleanliness in the Dojang.

10) Many outside behaviors are not accepted in the Dojang.  Respect your instructors and fellow students by: paying attention, working hard, not disrupting class and not using profanity.